static monsters

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what is static monsters?

The Static monsters is a two lift competition comprising of the Log press and the 18 inch axle deadlift.

competitiors enter an opening lift, then upon succesful completion, they enter their next attempt and then a final lift. This is repeated for the axle to give a total of their two heaviest succesful lifts combined.

There are over 25 countries hosting the Static Monsters World Wide this year with hundreds of athletes competing to gain a qualifying spot

the totals are then entered into a world wide ranking so the competitor knows exactly where they stack up against all of the other lifters from around the world.

the top 10 in each weight class then recieve an invitation to the world finals for the chance of becoming the static monsters world champion

Entry fee is £30 and non refundable

Trophies for top 3 in each class

T shirts for each athlete

We will start with the womens classes at 10am, with weigh in and registration from 08.30 to 09.30

The men will start at 1pm with weigh in and registration from 11.30am to 12.30pm

for athletes travelling and cutting weight, a 24 hour weigh in is available from 16.30 to 17.30 on Saturday 26th of October at the venue

When weighing in, you will be required to be under the cut off point, for example, 62.5kg does not count as under 62.5kg

Equipment specs can be found on the Static Monsters website

The minimum weights (the weight of the empty log or dumbbell) you can lift are as follows,

Men, Adaptive men, 57.5kg log,

Adaptive men, one arm, 30kg dumbbell

Women, Adaptive women, 36kg log

Adaptive women, one arm, 20kg dumbbell

the minimum weight for the Axle deadlift is,

All classes, 55kg

I will be closing entries on the 1st of October to allow for t shirt printing and trophies, entries after that will not recieve a T-shirt and may not recieve a trophy if your class has no entries prior to the 1st.

Weight classes in Static Monsters

Mens classes




Open weight

Masters (40 or over on the 26th of October)

You must weigh under the cut off for your class, for example, if you are entered into the u90kg class, you can weigh 89.99kg, but you cannot weigh 90kg

Womens classes




Open weight

Masters (40 or over on the 26th of October)

Adaptive classes

These will run alongside the able bodied class and you will also be scored and ranked according to your bodyweight.

You can enter into the following classes;


Standing one arm,


Seated one arm,

The one arm athletes will be using a dumbbell to press instead of the log

The seated deadlift variant is yet to be confirmed