I believe that my clients are my best advert so here is what they have to say about my services

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Dan Benson

Online client

Strength coach

Britains Strongest natural man under 90kg, 2019

“I wouldn’t have anyone else planning for me! Working with Dan has progressed me quicker and healthier than anything else I’ve done

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Luke Cartwright

Adaptive athlete

I approached Dan early in 2016 with the ambitious goal of competing in Britain's Strongest Disabled Man. After an initial consultation, Dan produced a training plan that was fully tailored to the upcoming competition, took into consideration my capabilities and he even suggested some improvements on the adaptations I use for my training! He frequently checked in and updated my training plan to ensure I was progressing and wasn't becoming fatigued with the level of training. Under Dan's coaching I have achieved various feats in strongman including; 3rd in Germany's Strongest Disabled Man 2017, 8th in The World's Strongest Disabled Man 2017, 1st in Iceland's Strongest Man 2018 and 1st in London's Static Monsters U105kg. His exceptional knowledge, and first hand experience in strength sports, weight loss and conditioning means I will continue to work towards my goals with Dan Thomas as my coach. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Ronak Pattani,

Stronger at 40 client

"I started working without Dan about a year ago.  In that time, Dan has taught me to lift weights with good technique, I've never been stronger.  I can deadlift three times more than I was able to a year ago and have hit PBs on my squat and Chest Press.

My training has always been tailored toward my goals.  I've gotten stronger, put on muscle and am now losing fat.  

I can't wait to see how my body and training changes over the coming year."

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