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For the beginner, we will work together to ensure you learn correct technique and progress at a steady and safe pace. You don’t need to be strong to start, but you do need to start to be strong.

If you have been training for a while but have hit a sticking point, I can show you how to bust through that plateau and re-ignite your progress.

For the athlete, you’ve come this far, now it’s time to take it to the next level, from advancing your technical knowledge to competition specific programming, I can help you gain that crucial edge on your competition.



Strength training for beginners

Learn how to utilise your bodyweight, incorporate resistance training and eat correctly to improve your confidence, change your body composition and strengthen your joints and muscles. This ties in perfectly with master the barbell.

Work with me 1-2 times a week, you will get the most from your training and then, once you have built the confidence, you can drop to one coached session per week whilst completing the planned self-sessions on your own.

You will never make a better investment than the one you make in yourself.

Stronger at 40

If you’re in your 40’s or older there is no better time to pick up a barbell and learn how to master your body, rebuild your strength and change your life. Of course, this is not just limited to men in their 40’s or older, if you’re in your 30’s, it’s also a great time to start strength training. In fact, the sooner the better.

Master the Barbell

It all starts with an empty bar, from here you will learn the 4 foundational lifts of strength training. The squat, the overhead press, the deadlift and the bench press. As well as these, I will teach you variations on each lift to help you develop strength and build the confidence to eventually train on your own.

Strongman training

I’m loath to use the word functional when describing any form of lifting, but strongman training for me is the one method you can use that has the greatest carry over to real life. With strongman, you learn how to lift, press, flip, carry and load odd shaped objects. It builds tremendous total body strength, you move through all 3 planes of motion and your cardiovascular conditioning will improve hugely too. The best thing about strongman, is that everyone can try it. At the Commando Temple, we have equipment that can be used by people of all strength levels, so even if you aren’t 6’5 and 160kg, you can still learn how to load Atlas stones and pick up cars, and if we’re honest, what’s cooler than lifting a car?

Competition and off-season programming for athletes

For the strongman or woman who wants to move up a level, or just wants someone to program for them and give them accountability, I offer two types of planning.

  • The first is the off-season work where the focus is on building a foundation of strength and fine-tuning technique with a rotating list of events to ensure you are prepared for any competition that comes around.

  • The second is the competition specific programming. With this, we look at the events, weights and timings that are coming up in your next competition and I write you a plan that peaks you specifically for it.

Advanced technique training

This is aimed at the lifter who has been training for some time but has reached a sticking point or is continually getting injured. A lot of the time, when I see someone struggle to progress, it’s usually due to their technique not being quite right, so what I’ll do is watch your lifts, break down where they are going wrong and show you how to fix it.

A single session of either 60 minutes or 90 minutes is usually all I need for a single lift; however, you may want more as it could mean that we are trying to fix years of lifting in a certain way.




Single session

60 minutes £80

90 minutes £120

This is perfect for technical tune ups as a one off if you are having trouble with a lift.

4 week block

1 x 60 minutes per week £240

1 x 90 minutes per week £360

Perfect for the client who only needs coaching once a week and is happy to train alone the rest of the time.

4 week block

2 x 60 minutes per week £440

This is a great option for clients who need that extra bit of coaching, perfect for beginners


Monthly programming with a fortnightly check in £80

Monthly programming, fornightly check in plus a single coached session £140

Additional coached sessions on top of programming £60

This is for the client who wants accountaboility and structure, but doesn’t neccessarily need one to one coaching every week, but there is also an option to add a coached session if you want it.

I want the best results possible for you and as such, my contracts are offered as a minimum commitment of 3 months.


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